Friday, July 27, 2012


Malle Vallik's (Harlequin Digital guru) Top Tips *Have a creative plan with a measurable goal  *Have an author website - booklist, behind the scene fun facts so readers can get to know you *Do social media that feels good to you *Measure, revise, stop - if something is attracting people, domore of that. don't waste your time *Find 3 authors that are doing it right, and copy them *Online reviews are important, and opportunity to get attention. cultivate relationships with bloggers *Build excitement towards your launch date - cover reveals, extended samples *Keep it ongoing, a regular part of your marketing.  Sarah Burningham, Little Bird Publicity *website is the most important *find a few things you can do well and enjoy, and do that. if you try to do everything, you'll do nothing well.  *find your backstory, and extend your network that way to give readers a sense of who you are behind your books *You don't sell books by saying buy my book Robyn Carr - Hold Our For A Hero site. military family support is important to her Allison Underwood, Open Road Integrated Media *Recognize the support you have online and give them recognition and affirmation. See who is talking about you when, reply to them and they'll go out and talk up your book.  *The author is closer to the reader than ever before. Nurture that relationship. *Reader reviews influence purchase behavior than critical reviews *Facebook - have an official page, not a personal profile. You can promote it and track how it is being interacted with. The fanning process is less intrusive than the friend process. Shawn Nicholls, HarperCollins *Be authentic. You are the content creators. give people original content.  *Post the first line of your next book and ask what people think, how they think it will end, what a character's name should be.  *Post Goodreads reviews on your Facebook page

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