Sunday, June 03, 2012

Reader Author Get Together : Jungle Jim's

With a pocket of time before the festivities began at the Annual Reader Author Get Together in Cincinnati, and I was looking for soemthing to do to help experience the city. After all, I made Breeze do that in For Kicks with every city she visited.

So, I asked the locals for some suggestions, thinking I would do a walking tour or other experience. Instead, I got an offer to go to Jungle Jim's. I had no idea what that was so I googled...a grocery store? 
But, I was game. Everyone wanted to go...and now I can see why! The place is hilarious! You are greeted by giant fruit and zoo animals, then inside the door the corn starts singing to you.

If we weren't so stuffed from breakfast, or had a fridge in the room I would have gone crazy with the salads bar or sushi or the cheeses - they had a two story long provolone.

There were lots of hard to find items from other countries. The cheese section was divided by country, as were lots of the aisles. The hot sauce section was three aisles across and had a fire truck on there was an 'adults-only' hot sauce selection. I was told for some of them you have to sign a liability waiver. What!?

Some things were fun to look at, like all the exotic fruits and vegetables, or peaches that came in baskets.

Other things grossed me right out. They had a pig head just sitting next to pork chops. Three pig heads, actually. I was told there was a cow head as well, but I skedaddled on out of there!

I only had chocolate for my readers at the booksigning, so I picked up a dozen tiny bottles of cherry pucker. I wasn't sure if this was a schnapps crowd or not. Turns out...I could have bought a case or three!

The next time I go to the  Annual Reader Author Get Together,   I'll be sure to venture back to this grocery mecca for booksigning treats. Maybe I'll even use a bigger suitcase and sneak some treats home to the family!

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