Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Reader Author Get Together :: Getting Together

Of course the point of gathering for a reader conference is to mix and mingle...not only tour grocery stores, collect swag and play Pictionary. When I tell people I'm headed to an event with 300 women and a handful of men, most people question the amount of estrogen in such a confined space. Don't that many women get catty?

Romance readers don't seem to have that problem. I think because they are happier than the average person. They love women, and men, and love, and adventure. Tell them a fun story about your life and they'll share one right back.

Plus, most of the readers look forward to the weekend all year. They're determined to have a good time, so don't get in their way. If you want to be moody, they're going to perk you up. Usually with a beverage of some kind.

Wonderful friendships begin at events like this. Many long-time friends and book-club members met this way.

And then there are raffle baskets. Romance readers are serious about their raffle baskets. Authors, readers, sponsors, and publishers took the time to put together and donate baskets for auction. Some had spendy items - iPad, Kindle Fire, Seventh Circle Productions marketing help - while others were packed to the brim with books.

With two tickets for a dollar, everyone must have hoped to try and squeeze a raffle basket onto the overhead bin for the plane ride home. Because the event raised $11,000 in donations for  One Way Farm. Amazing!

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