Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pinterest made me buy a glue gun

I made a Pinterest project and am simply giddy about it. Not because it came out's that I haven't done anything crafty in ages and I remembered that I happen to like being craftastic.

I have boxes of scrapbooking stuff, cross stitch, felt, knitting...things I picked up and ever got around to doing much with. My husband may have thrown some of it out. He does that to see how long it takes me to notice it's gone. Ahem.

Enter Pinterest, with cute pictures of projects that promise to be fast and easy. I have a whole board full of them -- lots of ideas for succulents and birthday parties, crayons and art projects. I pinned this up-cycled t-shirt necklace scarf type thing. I don't wear scarves. But I liked it. And when Kohls put t-shirts on sale this week, I decided to take a few of my stained tees out of the rotation (I have a 3-year-old...all my shirts are stained at pick-me-up level).

And then...I watched the YouTube tutorial and realized I was unprepared. I'd need a glue gun.

Pinterest Inspiration

I haven't handled a glue gun since...I dunno...girl scouts? So I took my JoAnn's coupons and headed over. While I was on my little field trip, I also picked up some felt flowers and a zipper flower form the clearance...after the coupons I managed to score everything for less than the price of the glue gun. I didn't even my the Jewelry class in a box I wanted. One project at a time.

The kids had no idea what to make of me cutting up my old t-shirts. The husband even question my plan. But, I had a new glue gun to break in.

I'm happy with how they turned out. Not perfect, not etsy-worthy. But craftastic none the less.

And bonus! Cut up t-shirt strips look just like green beans. More play food for Princessgirl!

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