Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Giving It Up

I wonder if Lent has become some kind of cultural phenomenon. It seems it's not just for Catholics anymore. All over Facebook, the gym, and the preschool mommys, people are giving something up for 40 days. Soda, bacon, video games, coffee, TV, shopping, gossip...

It's a fab tradition. I love all the healthy habits that come out of it. But I've never thought, 'hey, I should do that' until this year and this idea -- The 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge. Basically, you commit to organize you home by getting rid of a bag of stuff every day for 40 days.

People who are on board got the jump on the challenge by making a list of places to hunt down their bag of the day. I am not that organized, plus I just stumbled across the idea on Pinterest :) But really how hard is it to list 40 places you need to organize? Go on...

  1. Make-up drawer
  2. Master bath
  3. Kids bath
  4. My closet
  5. My closet
  6. My shoes
  7. PrincessGirl's closet
  8. Tall Boy's closet
  9. Happy Boy's closet
  10. Happy Boy's toys
  11. Office closet (egad)
  12. Office closet
  13. Linen closet
  14. Refrigerator
  15. Pantry
  16. Pantry
  17. Pantry
  18. Laundry room
  19. Hall closet
  20. Minivan
  21. Cookbooks (I'm going online for recipes and not using them)
  22. Garage (gardening)
  23. Garage (painting)
  24. Garage (shelves)
  25. Playroom
  26. Playroom
  27. Playroom
  28. Armoire
  29. Workbook ottoman
  30. Livng room
  31. Kitchen cupboards
  32. Kitchen cupboards
  33. Garage boxes
  34. Garage boxes
  35. Garage boxes
  36. Garage boxes
  37. Garage boxes
  38. Clothes boxes
  39. Clothes boxes
  40. Clothes boxes
OK, so that is my prediction list...I'll keep a running tally of what I actually manage to do. Not sure about pictures. It's kind of embarassing!

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