Thursday, June 30, 2011

What To Expect When You're At Conference :: Food

It's impossible to make everyone happy all the time, and so conference chicken was invented. It takes many forms, but it's something you can count on. Kind of like frizzy hair in humidity. At a conference there will always be chicken, otherwise, how would we break the ice with the strangers at the table?

With conference chicken as our benchmark, the nosh at parties is either better or worse.

Romance Diva's Cocktail Hour? One barstool up from conference chicken.

Samhain Author Breakfast? A chair up from conference chicken.

Passionate Ink Buresque Soiree appetisers? One chair down from conference chicken.

ESPAN Chapter Tea? A wingback chair up from conference chicken.

PASIC Industry Reception's desserts? Two chairs up from conference chicken.

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