Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Secrets From The PAN Retreat

I’ve never figured out why the PAN and PRO exclusive panels are called retreats. When I think retreat, I’m thinking a babbling brook, yoga, and comfy clothes. This was standing room only in a

STEVEN AXELROD, The Axelrod Agency
  • 40% of ebook reader owners say they read more now than they did when they read print books.
  • A small percentage of self-publishing authors are making a living from it.
  • The fiduciary responsibility between a author and an agent gets blurred when the agent tries to be a publisher.
MATTHEW SHEARER, St. Martin's Press
  • Publishing has undergone changes and always grown from it. The last big change was the advent of the mall bookstore which led to big, blockbuster sales and series books that never existed before mall bookstores. Now, with the injection of ebooks, people are reading more and trying books that they never would have tried before.
  • 75% of our business is still in print books.
  • ebooks are the equivalent of what mass market was when it was introduced.
LIATE STEHLIK, Avon/Harper Collins

  • Looking at how other forms of media made the digital transition and learn from what they did. We need to listen to the consumer and make digital content available to the consumer.
  • Free as a business model does not work, free as a marketing strategy does work.
  • On TV, we see that people are willing to pay for premium content (HBO) and as an author, quality is what you should be known for.
From Avon, look for...
  1. Digital shorts to tie in to full-length works
  2. Bookperk – Groupon model for author experiences
  3. Avon exclusive content
  4. Facebook contests

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