Wednesday, June 29, 2011


After spending the re-eye flight discussing Pokemon strategy with the tall boy, the morning exploring Times Square and the Empire State Building and the afternoon visiting with my brother before he and the tall boy escaped to Washington DC, I wasn’t sure I’d have the energy for the signing.

Lucky for me, caffeine worked wonders! I made it to the ballroom where the signing was hosted and my eyes nearly bugged out! There were so many authors there! Tables and tables of authors sitting elbow to elbow. I found my space…on the outside wall facing a dirty wall. Um, wow, brought my feet right back to the ground!

But, the placing turned out to be a blessing since it made it easier for readers to get to me. I was tickled to have so many readers seek me out to say they enjoyed Compromising Positions. They really made my conference. As did passing out Samhain’s free downloads cards and telling people they didn’t have to use it for my book, but they should! It’s only Tuesday, and I’ve already decided New York has been good to me 

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