Monday, June 13, 2011

Distillery a Pedicab!

Since we've committed to taking time for a date once a month, I find myself looking for new things to try. When we saw that Distillery Row was throwing a party with PDX Pedicab to celebrate their Distillery Row Passport, we signed up immediately. I mean, doesn't it just sound like fun? To make it even better, the coy Oregon sun decided to show up.

We met up at the Jupiter Hotel, which has a funky rock-n-roll vibe. Plenty of seats in the courtyard and a DJ spinning, plus a bartender using the spirits we'd be sampling later to mix up some signature cocktails. Delish!

Once enough of us showed up, they started running the pedicabs to the distilleries. First up was  Integrity Spirits where we got to try absinthe for the first time! I've always been curious, and though it takes some effort to prepare it, I can see why so many are in love with the stuff. YUM! 

 New Deal Distillery had the most amazing coffee liquers -- they even had two different brews! They also have a chocolate one called Mud Puddle...I mixed my coffee and Mud Puddle...and had to buy both bottles!

 Deco Distilling did the tasting a little different - more how to have fun with spirits than how spirits are made. They even sell 'bartender in a box' to make mixed drinks easy.

The best tour was at  House Spirits Distillery. We got to go back and learn the different kinds of stills, and how the different spirits are made. FASCINATING! I had no idea the artistry and mechanics that went into distilling -- or how the clean Oregon water is probably why Oregon has more distilleries than any other state.

We were able to see everything from the stills to the bottling and labeling. In the tasting room there was a display that showed the blend that goes into making Aviation Gin so delicious. They also mixed the whiskeys with Mexi-Coke. YUM!

Then it was on to  Stone Barn Brandyworks where they do small batch brewing. We were able to see the latest oatmeal whiskey as it went through the process. They have a very eco-friendly philosophy there that I really liked.

The pedicabs took us between each stop with ease. We loved the light breeze, sunshine, and easy pace of it all. We never had the same driver twice, and they were all having fun along with us.

I think if anyone comes to visit, I'll take them on this tour. They'll think it's cool, and some of that might rub off on their impression on me!

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