Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Workout Wednesday : Personal Training

The Biggest Loser fascinates and terrifies me in equal measures. I would love to take 4 months off from life and just focus on getting back to my regular weight. BUT, I would not love working out until I puke or having someone scream at me. Plus, who wants to weigh in wearing a sports bra when your belly is hanging out?

Thank goodness not all personal trainers are like that! And it doesn't have to be a weekly commitment either. Lisa developed a program I can do at home around the girl, and since she has 3 kids she understood the limitations, and how hard it can be to take off the baby weight after the 3rd kid. It's like your body is hanging onto the chub, sure you're just going to get preggers again.

Lisa also teaches the Cardio Jam class I like so much, so she checks in with my progress and struggles periodically. Plus, she taught Diva's baby ballet class, so she was able to witness the baby girl antics first hand!

For me, personal training helped give me a plan for days I can't get to a class. I don't even have to do the whole plan, just bits of it along the day. I plan on going back in the summer to try and get some ideas for taking the at-home workout outside.

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