Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let's Try This Again...

I meant to be a better blogger this year. I was doing a good job of it too, until Spring Break! But, that's over now and I'm nearly caught up on household stuff, so best to get back to work! This week I will ::

  • Write the sister calls, sex museum, mirror part deux, and get them to Vegas in Driven!
  • Exercise 5 times
  • Make an appointment @ the shoe place
  • Bloodwork.
  • Find some places to do promo for Private Scandal (coming 4/19!)

1 comment:

Maggie Jaimeson said...

I like your first goal. I just want to know how each of those scenes end up in the book. As for the exercise thing, can we do runs together long distance? I've committed to doing a 5K run in 6 weeks. Pretty crazy, considering I haven't run once in 20 years. :)