Sunday, March 16, 2008


In the spirit of the law of attraction, it is best to be grateful for all you have. Plus, it beats the pants off wallowing in self-pity. So…here’s what went right today.

*The boys slept until 7. Almost 7. Close enough to 7 for me to want to kiss them. It’s been ages since the 7 o’clock hour crept upon me without a boy also on me. Unless it is a school day. Then you have to drag them out of bed. But today I will be happy they let me sleep until 7.

*Bigboy has learned to play Mastermind. I love that game. When he was a baby I never imagined how much I would enjoy having a fellow game lover in the house. I never thought he would share my addiction to board games. Sometimes with kids, you just get lucky.

*I found another way to charge the Alphasmart. I adore my portable word processor, but it has these rechargeable batteries permanently embedded in it…and we lost the cable that plugs it into the wall. Thank goodness the one for our cordless phones is the same size.

*I don’t have a headache. Odd thing to be grateful for, but if you’ve had my headaches, you’d be doing a happy dance every morning you wake up and your head is the same size as it feels.

*Socks. I really need a pedicure, but can’t see when to schedule one in…and so I am grateful for socks.

*Good report cards. Bigboy is a boy genius. When he has a good report card, he gets to pick a restaurant and we all go out to dinner. No cooking for me!

What’s the best thing that went right for you today?


In His Kiss

3781 / 50000 words. 8% done!

The Replacement Bride

8792 / 50000 words. 18% done!

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Rob at Kintropy said...

Thanks for the Alphasmart mention! I'd been looking for a good, portable, no-game-distractions-on-it writing tool. I searched ebay and now I'm the proud owner of an Alphasmart 3000. Thanks for the tip!