Sunday, March 30, 2014

#DayofYes Spring Break

Every so often I have a Day of Yes, where I say yes to everything the kiddos ask, as long as it's within reach. I'm not Elastagirl, so I can't reach Tahiti. But macaroni and cheese for breakfast and cereal for dinner? That I can reach.

To kick off Spring Break we had a Mom's Night Out and I was suggesting they try Day of Yes to entertain themselves. You don't tell the kids you're doing it, you just wake up and start saying yes. Mine usually catch on pretty quick, but this time it took them a couple days.

My princess asks for the most, so she probably had the most benefit. Can we feed the ducks? Yes. Can I watch Frozen? Yes. (eleven times yes) Can we go to a restaurant for lunch? Yes. Can we go to a movie? Yes.

Restaurants aren't 'in reach' but On The Border had kids eat free for Spring Break, and Chevy's has kids eat free every Tuesday. The same with movies - but Tuesday is $5 day. And since I fed them lunch right before, they didn't even ask for candy. Icees were another matter entirely.

The kids were certainly happier, and I found they were more helpful. When I asked them to do chores or clean up, there was far less complaining. And the things they wanted were all doable.

waffles - pancakes - read to me - feed the ducks - library - Muppet Caper - Red Robin - play the iPad - rent a movie - bubbles - bacon - have friends over - Chevy's - paint - watch TV in your room - hot cocoa - make lemonade - On the Border - bike ride to the convenience store - hop the fence to a friend's house - burn the science experiment board - Take a bath? (my boys always shower, so the tub is a treat) - can we stay up -- now the secret for when they ask to stay up is to say yes, today. 12:01 is tomorrow

Try a #DayofYes. It's fun to see how long it takes for the kids to catch on.

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