Monday, March 04, 2013

Library Journal Liked Caribbean Casanova

CaribbeanCasanova030113 Xpress Reviews: E Originals | First Look at New Books, March 1, 2013 Library Journal liked Caribbean Casanova :) Made my whole day :: "A good read for the beach this summer."

Bayley-Burke, Jenna.
Caribbean Casanova.
Samhain. (Under the Caribbean Sun, Bk. 2).
 Mar. 2013.
135p. ebk.
ISBN 9781619215771.
EPUB $3.50.

In her latest “Under the Caribbean Sun” adventure (after Caribbean Christmas), Burke has brought the Prinsen brothers (Johannes and Harmannus) back to the island of Anguilla, along with Saskia and her business partner Holly Hansen...

Verdict Where else would one want to be on a cold winter’s day but dreaming of the warm Caribbean sun on the island of Anguilla? While this story is short, the author has done a good job of developing these characters and creating an all-around good tale, with lots of spicy sensuality and graphic language. A good read for the beach this summer.

Thank you so much to Phyllis Goodman, Clermont Cty. P.L., OH for the great review!!

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Maggie Jaimeson said...

Congrats on this wonderful review, Jenna! Of course, I've always loved your books but it's nice to hearthat libraries will recommend them as well.