Thursday, March 21, 2013

Casanova Tour, day 4

Cute ad, right? My editor just emailed to say Samhain Publishing made this for Fiction Vixen this month.

Today We Love Kink reviewed Caribbean Casanova. I always get nervous when my schmexy romance gets reviewed at a site that likes the soopah-sexy stuff. But I need to relax, because Harm & Holly seem to have the sexy handled. Day-yum, this review quote made me blush!

"In my opinion you really must read this book, but a fair word of advice. You might want to have a clean pair of panties near by because your are most definitely going to end up wet !!!"

Sharing Links and Wisdom -- "It’s humorous, sexy, and interesting. The characters were amazing and... I want to go on my own Caribbean island adventure now." 

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