Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday 13 :: Shelli Stevens

I'm back with another edition of Thursday 13 with lightning interviews of my authorly peeps. Enjoy yourself :)
  1. Latest release? Savage Betrayal.
  2. In the hottest scene...kisses or condoms? Kisses. The build up can be so sensual That first kiss so explosive.
  3. What are you working on? Good Girl Gone Plaid. The first book in my series The McLaughlins.
  4. What have you Googled for research? What haven't I? Most recently various levels of assault charges and the consequences of them.
  5. What do you drink when writing? Iced tea or coffee usually. Rarely ever alcohol. It'd just make me sleepy.
  6. Do you have a writing uniform? Not at all. If I'm at home, I love to be comfy in pajamas or yoga pants, but if I'm going out to write, I try and look cute. If not presentable.
  7. Where do you write? Most often in a recliner, or bed at night. But during the day sometimes I'll go out to a local coffee shop or bookstore to write with friends or alone.
  8. What was the last thing you read? Jane's Gift, so I could give it a quote (my amiga Karen Erickson's book!)
  9. Paper, audio, or ebook? Ebook and paper. If I buy a new book, it's on ebook.
  10. Favorite book in the last few months? I'm currently halfway through, and totally charmed by, Baby It's Cold Outside: An Alaskan Nights Novel by Addison Fox
  11. Favorite social network? Oooh probably Facebook. But I do adore Pinterest and Twitter.
  12. Secret super power? Being a nice person. The effects can be rather powerful. But, it's not really a secret. Or a super power.
  13. Guilty pleasure? Bacon. I know it's not that exciting or surprising. If I wasn't on deadline I might be more creative, but there you have it. I'd consider being a vegetarian if it weren't for bacon. *Sigh*

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview, Jenna and Shelli! Have a great weekend!