Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Drive Me Crazy Review - Ten Stars!

How do you get a ten star review? Well, you don't really. Guilty Pleasures had two reviewers that wanted to read Drive Me Crazy, and since you do not mess with a romance reader's to-be-read list, they both got it. As an author, that's kind of scary. Review sites have a loyal reader-base that will buy a book based on those reccomendations. What if one likes it and the other not so much?

I don't have to find out, because Slick & Kitty both enjoyed it. Big relief. But they also took the time to put together such well-written reviews, I wanted to share a bit of each of them.

Kitty Angel :: "From the haunted hotel to the haunted brothel and all the stops between Washington, DC and Oregon, I laughed and smiled. She made this book fun, romantic, and erotic. This was a wonderful book that will have you wanting to go on a road-trip soon.....and not with the girls!"
Slick Reads :: "You seriously must read this book! It is that damn good."
"Cross a meandering playboy with a studious control freak driving cross country and you have a plot that is fresh, fun, and blatantly sexy!"

Thank you so much, ladies. I'm glad Jaime & Xavier touched your hearts.  

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