Friday, May 04, 2012

Deadline Dinners

So many things slip away from me when I have my brain wrapped around a new book. Cleaning is the first to go. Then I start looking for fast, easy dinners. I need them anyway with the kids in scouts, swim, & martial arts. I can totally understand how families resort to drive-through dinners.

I would, but I have four conferences this year, so my pennies are going to that. (I'll be in Cincinati for the Lori Foster Reader Author weekend later this month.) So to keep the kiddos fed, I've turned to the crock pot.

I know, it's a 70s institution. And I am not saying everything that comes out of it is company-worthy. But it does put a hot meal on the table with minimum effort.

My kids favorite is either ravioli or tortellini. Yes, in the crockpot! Before we head out to the gym, I put a jar of sauce in the crock pot, then I fill the jar with water and add that in. Next is a bag of frozen pasta. We leave it on warm while we are gone and come back to dinner.

You can add in veggies, cheese, what-have-you.

Pot roast is another go-to meal. The roast, wine, a can of beef broth, worscetshire sauce, onions, carrots & mushrooms. Before we head to the gym I throw in potatoes. I've actually started getting small potatoes so I don't have to peel or slice.

Not all my crockpot concotions are a hit. Sausage and sauerkraut was fine, but not something we'd make again. Probably because we don't like sauerkraut. It was easy though - kielbasa, kraut & shredded cabbage.

Anyone have dinner tips to share?

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