Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pinterest Storyboarding

I spoke at the Write To Publish conference today and had some great conversations with aspiring authors about social medai and how to use it to build platform and interact with readers. It's something I struggle with as an author, balancing having an online presence while still ensureing I have enough time to spend on writing the next story.

One of the tools I've been using lately is Pinterest. It's not just for collecting recipes, craft projects or photos of places you yearn to travel to. As I was filling out the cover art sheet for Drive me Crazy, I collected some links to picture that helped illuminate the story. I set up a Pinterest board for them, adding more as I reviewed the copyedits. Now I have a way to 'see' the story.

I liked it so much I started boards for a couple other stories I'm considering. It's as fun as making a vision board for a story, but better because it doesn't make a mess, and it also organzies research links.

Want to see what I mean? Here is the board for Drive Me Crazy, out next month. Check it out.

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