Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break

I just realized I hadn't posted about my Spring Break. We took the kiddos on a road trip where we explored the Oregon Coast, Redwoods, and stayed in a treehouse! It was such fun, I think we'll repeat the same trip again in five years, when PrincessGirl can be more of a participant. Zip-lines and dune buggy rides were not her cup of tea this time out.

I used my camera as an excuse to get a little alone time every day. When you pack five people into a minivan or a hotel room, you do need some brain space every now and again. Plus, this was my first completely work-free vacation since...well, since I can recall. No computer, no alphasmart... It felt odd not to be writing. I think I took more pictures because of it.

All of my kids are animal lovers, so we worked in the Sea Lion Caves, West Coast Game Park and Great Cats World Park. The kids loved the hands on features at the West Coast Game Park. They could talk to a parrot, pet a baby leopard and lion, feed the wandering goats, and we even saw a joey in a wallaby pouch!

Even though it was raining when we explored the Redwoods, we didn't let that dampen out day (natch). We took our time at Trees of Mystery, which explains the history of the forest, as well as letting visitors see it from above with an arial tram. Since the rest of the world thought rain and forest exploring weren't a good match, we managed to score extra rides over the tree tops.

I think the kids could have really done without Hubba Bubba and I narrating every drive with "Wow, isn't that gorgeous? Look how beautiful."

If you ever have a chance to sleep in a treehouse, give it a shot. Of course I can say this because I slept in the cozy rooms at Out n About Treesort. But the kids had an amazing time there. They had horses, so my girl was in heaven. And the boys were counting the hours until they could do the zipline course and tarzan swing. It was really the highlight of their trip.

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