Monday, May 09, 2011


TangledHow cute is this movie! Rapunzel is one of my favorite stories because the princess has a hand in her own rescue. This made the hero out to be a bit of a dolt, but whatever works for comedic effect!

I found the animation very pretty in this film, and however they animated the hair really worked. The animation was lost on the kiddos, the boys loved the thugs from the pub and the girl loved Rapunzel and the horse, Max. She wasn't a fan of the villainess, Gothel, but no one is supposed to be.

My big one had a few basic concerns - like who built the tower in the first place, did it have indoor plumbing, how the chameleon made it up there, and how Rapunzel got enough vitamin D if she stayed inside all the time.

I just made him another bowl of popcorn. I don't think that boy will ever buy into the suspension of belief!

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