Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In A Word...

Over on Romance Divas, Kristin dared us all to describe our hero in one word. Since I was in need of a procrastination device that could double as actual work (I've rewritten chapter 2 scene 2 4 ways)...I decided I was game :)

One Last Fling : Beckett : Sexy
First Impressions : Jakob : Guarded
Sensational Sex : David : Loyal

Her Cinderella Complex : Curtis : Complicated
Par For The Course : Ben : Focused
For Kicks : Logan : Resourceful
Cooking Up A Storm : Cameron : Driven
Just One Spark : Mason : Determined

What do you think makes a good hero?


4639 / 50000 words. 9% done!

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Rose said...

Cool. Now I dare you to do the same for your heroines.