Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Back...

We're back from the Denver weekend jaunt...and I'm more behind than ever. Lucky for me 93 messages were waiting to help me out. You know, because I need things like ::

  • The enclosed BONUS expires 9/16 (too bad)

  • The enclosed CHECK void after 9/17 (well darn)

  • Taurus: Your view of reality could be distorted (grrrreat)

  • virtual gambling

  • interested in you (as you should be...)

  • deal of the week (when did I sign up for all this crap!)

  • Olive Oil : The cure for work out soreness?

  • Mental feng shui

  • contact my secretary

  • urgent! urgent!

  • don't ignore this message!!

needless to say...I deleted most everything...this is a much better way to waste time...

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