Friday, March 31, 2017

Bringing it All Together

I'm not sure how much of the publishing world swirls into the reader world, but some of you may know one of my publishers closed this month. Samhain was the house that built me, and I'm proud of every book we put out together. And now I have them all back.

Deciding what to do next is harder than I expected. Some authors have been incredibly successful with self-publishing. The urge to go indie is strong. And so is my sense of self-preservation. Publishing a book is an expensive endeavor, and with a deep backlist, I'd have to sell my minivan just to pay for covers and editing and ISBNs and ad placement and marketing and and and. Not to mention I've tried it, and the results were meh.

My former editor signed on with Entangled Publishing and together we came up with an exciting plan - what if we took those same stories and freshened them up, twisted together a few story lines, and brought all those powerful heroes together... The Invested in Love series was just the answer.

And speaking of answers... I've taken some reader letters and woven in answers to the questions some of you had.

  • When do David & Sophie get married? 
  • Are we going to get more Kelly?
  • What about Curtis's brother? 
  • Where are Megan's parents? 
  • Do Gemma & Danny have their own book? 
  • Is something going on with Nyla & Diego? 
  • Did you forget about Carly? 
  • Who is this mysterious Jack and what does he want from Ava? 

If you want to know, keep your eye out for Invested in Love!

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