Monday, April 07, 2014

Idea Botique Redux :: Cooking Up a Seduction

Dieting does it to me every time. I was starving. Famished. Ravenous. I couldn’t stuff my face with decadent delectables, so I decided to write about them instead. Only I read cookbooks like they are novels, so I needed more than tasty treats. Sensual fun, or course. I mean, what else do I write? Combining the two I found some suggestive vegetable photos, and had another element. Then the woman who could embody all of these things came to me, the owner of Come For Dinner catering, Lauren Brody. Smart, confident, and willing to try anything once, she’d need someone strong and determined to match her.

I spend hours just daydreaming about my characters, usually while the babes run screaming around a playground. I can ‘work’ and keep both eyes on them. Not to shabby. Lauren grew in my mind, her backstory blossoming, but it wasn’t until I read an article about biotechnology investing that Cameron started to sprout. Cameron was intense, walled off, but he left a door open through his music, and a music in his responsible approach to being a venture capitalist.

With a to-die-for menu mapped out, I set them onto the page. They sparked from their first meeting. With the backdrop of the holiday season and a few naughty treats, Lauren and Cameron blended together beautifully. I had a grand time waltzing them through mouth-watering dinners, stylish restaurants, and tantalizing deserts. For me, the book came together fluidly, the characters leading the way to a delicious finale.

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