Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday 13 :: Donna Alward

    I'm inviting my favorite Author Peeps to Jenna's Romantic Notions every Thursday for a lightning quick
  1. What's your latest release?
  2. INTO THE FIRE with Samhain Publishing. It just came out on Tuesday.
  3. In the hottest scene, will we see kisses or condoms?
  4. Condoms. J
  5. What are you working on?
  6. Right now I’m doing NaNo and writing my next book for Harlequin Romance – a Christmas story for next year and part of my Cadence Creek series.
  7. What have you Googled lately for research?
  8. Christmas wedding stuff! It’s been tons of fun. I’ve been putting a lot of it up on pinterest on my Christmas board. Everything from wedding favours to cakes to dresses and shoes.
  9. What do you drink while writing?
  10. In the morning: Coffee. Afternoon: water. Evening: wine. J
  11. Do you have a writing uniform?
  12. Yoga pants and a hoodie.
  13. Where do you write?
  14. In my office. It’s my “zone of productivity”. I get too distracted somewhere else and it doesn’t feel right.
  15. What's the last thing you read?
  16. Nobody’s Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  17. Paper, audio, or ebook?
  18. Paper more often than not, and then ebook. Most of my tbr is paper. I’m looking at getting a new e-reader for Christmas which may translate into me reading more digital.
  19. Favorite book released in the last few months?
  20. Sweet Laurel Falls by RaeAnne Thayne
  21. Favorite social network?
  22. TWITTER! @DonnaAlward
  23. Secret super power?
  24. Invisibility. There are tons of times I wish I could just be invisible…
  25. Guilty pleasure?
  26. Dark Chocolate, esp with sea salt. NOM NOM NOM.


Anonymous said...

Great list, Jenna! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kimberly Menozzi said...

I'm very late to the party, but I'm glad I came by. :)

I think I'd choose the same superpower, by the way. It would very handy as an author, I think. Heh.

Happy (very belated) TT!