Saturday, October 01, 2011

Write Away Weekend -- Day One!

We tossed together this weekend on the fly, but we couldn't have done better if we'd planned it!


Putting Emotion in Your Writing -- audio workshops from RWA 2011 conference while being chauffered to our coastal getaway. Spacious door-to-door service provided by Rose's Mom's Van (aka Melissa did the driving)

Lunch -- Andaman Thai Cuisine is worth the wait -- they even freshly brewed our unsweetened Thai iced tea.

Goody Bags -- a buy-your-own option @ the outlet mall. Melissa & I got matching purses (the deal at Coach was that good) and prizes to take home to the kids.

Setting The Scene -- arrived at Blessings By The Sea and staked out bedrooms -- Terri opted for the darkest room, Melissa took one for the team and slept in the skylight room, I have an ocean view!

Ready Set Write -- Write until your stomach demands food! Melissa won the round with over 1K.

Dinner -- Mo's of course. You may be thrown out of Lincoln City if you don't Mo's at least once. The garlic cabage and shrimp salad? Way better than it sounds.

Myofascial Techniques for Writers -- Terri showed us the tricks she learned to ease the aches caused by hours of writing using a tennis ball and a golf ball!

Writing Romantic Comedies - Screenplay Mastery by Michael Hauge -- We used the DVD to map out the internal arcs of our latest stories, pausing and discussing as we went.

And tomorrow? Play With Words, Ready Set Write, & an evening with Christopher Vogler.

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Melissa McClone said...

Great recap, Jenna! Hard to believe we got all that in already. Looking forward to see what the rest of today holds for us!