Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pikes Place with the Samhain Set!

Lots of people are heading to Seattle this weekend for the Emerald City Writers Conference. There's lots going on, but most of it within the walls of a hotel in downtown Bellevue. These events often roll like that - you see the inside of airports and hotels...and not much else!

In order to share her love for her city, Shelli Stevens (who happens to be a New York Times best selling author, natch) offered to play tourguide for a few of us. She took us to lunch at Cutters, a fantastic restaurant next to Pike's Place with amazing views of the water. The weather even cooperated -- maybe too much! Tera Kleinfelter (who happens to be the assistant managing editor of Samhain, ha!) wound up blinded by the sun and had to wear fancy schmancy shades throught the meal.

Lunch was faboosh. I think we all orderd something with crab on it. When in Seattle seafood is a must!
Next it was on to Pike's Place for some exploring. The artistry showcased at the market is amazing...and so is the food. I grabbed up some grapes to munch on while I'm in my hotel room writing...and coerced everyone into getting cheesecake at The Confectional. We were all full from lunch, so we got them to go. I know they'll all be thanking me tomorrow.

Karen Erickson had a change purse full of quarters, so we all took our turn at the fortune teller. Mine warned about gossip (fitting for a conference weekend, me thinks) and Shelli's needed a dictionary to transalte. Seriously...none of us knew what it meant, and we are professional wordsmiths!

We snagged a dozen of the famous mini-doughnuts...which are good, but not as great as when they are warm and the sugar is melting off them.

Shelli made us check out the gum wall (ew) and I found a friend in Marty Matthews (Samhain's author liason extraordinaire) because she was as grossed out by it as I was! That thing gives me the creeps. I want to get out my UV wand and decontaminate it...but I don't think it is possible.

After that...Shelli was stuck with the bag of doughnuts! No one wanted to eat!

The magic shop had a a different fortune teller - and this one seemed to have more experience so Tera tried for a different fortune. AND... She got the same thing. Beware of Friday the 13th! Freaky!

I wonder what other trouble we'll get into this weekend?

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