Friday, October 01, 2010


The article in the Slate spurred more articles of the not so flattering nature. I'm trying to laugh it off. You know what's helping?

It sold at least one copy of Compromising Positions to a reader who wrote a review and said "I read an article on Slate about how this novel was porn. lol There isn't very much sex in the book, but the build up to it is great! " It doesn't get better than that. Thank you Terri Sprague :D You made my day.

And thanks to Caleb Hannan who wrote in Seattle Weekly "Slate reports on the "strange" rise of e-reader pornography. A rise that's only strange if you're a Quaker. (And even then not so much.) "

Finally, the voice of reason!

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Tracy said...

I find it laughable that anyone with two working brain cells would lump Compromising Positions in with eReader porn. I wouldn't even classify it as erotica, really. Too much good story surrounding the sex scenes - which enhance, but do not overwhelm the plot.

I've noticed, after many many MANY books and many many reviews, that there seems to be a very wide chasm between readers who prefer their sex reading in more euphemistic terms...and those who are perfectly fine (and prefer) calling a cock a cock...with all the 'doodle do' thrown in for good measure.

I...quite a proud member of the latter group. I'm quite sick of close minded conservatives taking the fun out of everything in life and I flat out refuse to allow them to heap a reflection of their own prurient paranoia onto me.

Enjoy your Book Fair and Author signing and try not to let wee little minds with wee little c...hickens get you down.

They can go cluck themselves.