Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Review...

This review was a nice surprise :D

"A fun, sexy, inventive contemporary romance ..." and
"This book kept surprising me, with realistic insight from the characters like the moment Sophie realizes “she could not handle a casual relationship with David”, and when David realizes “How wonderful life would be if he could just trust himself to be who she thought he was.” I enjoyed it, and I’m not the only one..." Read React Review
And my favorite part? It was a very well written review :D I just love that. It usually has me looking around the site for more reccomendations.


Portia said...

I love your book covers...I stumbled onto your site by accident, but I will definitely look for your work, next time I am in my favorite bookstore.

Continued success (^_^)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Portia!