Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Back & I'm Famous

I had quite the thrill this week. Compromising Positions was featured on Good Morning America's List of the Day, where they highlighted Kindle's top 10 best ebook freebies. Now I can put featured on GMA on my resume, right?

And then...I realized Compromising Positions was #1 bestseller on Amazon. The free books list. For about 90 minutes. So I can put bestselling author on my resume too, right?

It was a nice treat, and as I spread my excitement around I got a lot of - now you're famous. Um, that's sweet, but I'm still only famous at library story time and the weekly baby girl playdate. However, if Lifetime wants to give me a call and make the book into a movie...then, I'll be famous. And have quite the resume!

And for those of us who love freebies...

Compromising Positions is free for Kindle & Nook...I think for 2 weeks. Not certain.

More tomorrow on what I did on my summer vacation...

1 comment:

rita said...

Love the book--I'm so glad I happened to check Amazon today! I'll actually buy some of your books now--I only have Kindle for PC so I don't buy much; it's kind of hard on the eyes. But CP is so damn good that I have to have more of your stuff!