Wednesday, December 10, 2008

J is for Jumping Around

What to do, what to do... A week ago I was struggling to finish two projects, never thinking I'd get to start something new both projects are off my desk (the revised partial is sitting in an inbox in England, the erotica I started a year ago is done...and contracted to Phaze. Jenna Allen will finally get a new release this spring)

So now...I could finish the partial...but the editor wants to help and she has fun ideas...and I'm all about the fun, so I'll wait to see what she thinks.

I have jumped between three stories today...and just might start a new one. Maybe a short story I can finish before the holidays hit.

1 comment:

Devon Ellington said...

Yeah, I'd vote for the short story, something you can FINISH before the holidays, to just add that extra little bit of oomph to your sense of accomplishment. Way to go with all that completed work. Woo-hoo!