Thursday, December 18, 2008

R is for ...Reading I did in 2008

  1. Love's Encore by Rachel Ryan aka Sandra Brown (Candlelight Ecstacy Romance)
  2. The Game Is Played by Amii Lorin (Candlelight Ecstacy Romance)
  3. A Very Merry Christmas by Lori Foster / Gemma Bruce / Janice Maynard
  4. My Guilty Pleasure by Jamie Denton (Blaze)

  5. One Night, One Baby by Kate Hardy (Modern Extra/Presents)

  6. Billionaire's Favorite Fantasy by Jan Colley (Desire)
  7. The Australian Millionaire's Love-Child by Robyn Grady (Presents)

  8. Mistress at a Price by Sara Craven (Presents)

  9. Carnal Desires by Crystal Jordan

  10. Nauti Nights (The Nauti Trilogy, Book 2) by Lora Leigh

  11. Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds by Jenny McCarthy

  12. Mom, They're Teasing Me

  13. Food Chaining

  14. A Treasure Worth Seeking by Rachel Ryan aka Sandra Brown (Candlelight Ecstacy Romance)

  15. Mystical Traveler by Sylvia Browne

  16. Louder Than Words by Jenny McCarthy

  17. Wishcraft : How to Get What You Really Want

  18. Writing The Great American Romance by Catherine Lanigan

  19. SECRETS Volume 15

  20. When Your Body Gets the Blues: The Clinically Proven Program for Women Who Feel Tired, Stressed, and Eat Too Much!

  21. Sleep to be Sexy, Smart, and Slim

  22. Body Signs

  23. Caretti's Forced Bride by Jennie Lucas (Presents)

  24. Secret Source: The Law of Attraction Is One of Seven Ancient Hermetic Laws: Here Are the Other Six

  25. Yes, You’re Pregnant But What About Me? by Kevin Nealon

  26. Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovitch

  27. I Had the Right to Remain Silent...But I Didn't Have the Ability by Ron White

  28. Falling For Mr. Dark & Dangerous by Donna Alward (Romance)

  29. Sex By The Numbers by Marie Donovan (Blaze)

  30. A Brush With love by Maria Isabel Pita

  31. Secret Seduction by Lori Wilde (Blaze)

  32. Whisper by Rose Middleton

  33. Hired ; The Sheik's Secretary Mistress by Lucy Monroe (Presents)

  34. Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife by Kate Walker (Presents)

  35. Psychic Children by Sylvia Browne

  36. The Dark Garden by Eden Bradley

  37. The Billionaire's Marriage Mission by Helen Brooks (Presents)

  38. Slightly Psychic by Sandra Steffen (NEXT)
  39. The Trials of Angela by Millie Criswell

  40. Leaving L.A. by Rexanne Becnel (NEXT)
  41. Which End Is Up? by Patricia Kay (NEXT)

  42. The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Bride by Kate Hewitt (Presents)

  43. Driving Him Wild by Julie Cohen (Modern Extra)

  44. His Mistress by Arrangement by Natalie Anderson (Modern Extra/Presents)

  45. The Secrets of the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

  46. SECRETS Volume 2

  47. Sylvia Browne's Book of Dreams

  48. SECRETS Volume 3

  49. SECRETS Volume 13

  50. SECRETS Volume 5

  51. For Blackmail...Or Pleasure by Robyn Grady (Desire)

  52. The Rancher's Rules by Lucy Monroe (Presents)

  53. The Knight Before Christmas by Jackie Ivie

  54. The Sleeping Beauty Proposal by Sarah Strohmeyer

  55. Hired For The Boss's Bed by Robyn Grady (Presents)

  56. Mistress For a Weekend by Susan Napier ) (Presents)

  57. The Millionaire's Marriage Demand - Sandra Field (Presents)

  58. Getting Down to Business by Ally Blake (Modern Extra)

  59. Tangled Up In You by Rachel Gibson

  60. Secrets, Volume 16: Forbidden Desires

  61. Writer Mama: How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids by Christina Katz

  62. Pregnancy Of Passion by Lucy Monroe (Presents)

  63. One Night Stand by Sandra Field (Presents)

  64. Crowned: An Ordinary Girl by Natasha Oakley (Romance)

  65. The Australian's Housekeeper Bride by Lindsay Armstrong (Presents)

  66. 101 Ways to Transform Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

  67. Poseidon's Daughter by Jessica Hart (Romance-vintage)

  68. Wild Wild West by Charlene Teglia

  69. Rejection Romance and Royalties by Laura Resnick (NEXT)

  70. True Confessions of the Startford Park PTA by Nancy Robards Thompson (NEXT)

  71. No One Cares What You Had For Lunch : 100 ideas for your blog

  72. Falling For The Frenchman by Claire Baxter (Romance)

  73. Wish Come True by Patricia Kay (NEXT)

  74. Manifest Your Destiny by Wayne Dyer

  75. Wedding Bell Blues by Charlotte Douglas (NEXT)

  76. The Magnate's Marriage Demand by Robyn Grady (Desire)

  77. Sexiest Man Alive by Diana Holquist

  78. How to Get What You Really, Really Want by Wayne W. Dyer

  79. The Ruthless Marriage Bid by Elizabeth Power (Presents)

  80. Contracted: A Wife For The Bedroom by Carol Marinelli (Presents)

  81. The Boss's Wife For A Week by Anne McAllister (Presents)

  82. 3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys by Lucy Monroe (Brava)

  83. The Brazilian's Blackmail Bargain by Abby Green (Presents)

  84. The Mile High Club by Heidi Rice (Modern Extra)

  85. The Scent of Shadows (Sign of the Zodiac, Book 1) by Vicki Pettersson

  86. SECRETS Volume 21

  87. A Christmas To Remember by Kay Stockham (Supers)

  88. The Witch's Wedding by Rosalie Ash (Romance - vintage)

  89. Ex Marks The Spot by Merline Lovelace (NEXT)

  90. Underneath It All by Lori Borrill (Blaze)

  91. All Night With The Boss by Natalie Anderson (Presents/Modern Extra)

  92. After The Honeymoon by Alexandra Scott (Romance) vintage

  93. One Night Standards - Cathy Yardley (Blaze)

  94. The Getaway Groom by Molly Liholm (Temptation)

  95. Holiday Wishes - Kate Austin, Stevi Mittman, Mary Schramski (NEXT)

  96. At The Billionaire's Bidding - Trish Wylie (Presents/Modern Extra)

  97. Doing Ireland - Kate Hoffman (Blaze)

  98. My Tall, Dark Greek Boss - Anna Cleary (Modern Extra)

  99. Mere Anarchy - Woody Allen

  100. The Millionaire's Marriage Claim - Lindsay Armstrong (Presents)

  101. The Unexpected Pregnancy - Catherine George (Presents)

  102. Behind The Scenes by Trish Jensen (Modern Extra)

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Thanks for the review, Jenna! I'm glad you liked the book :-)