Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday 13 - More Great Things

  1. Snow days

  2. The smell of rain

  3. New office supplies

  4. Drinking milk from the cereal bowl

  5. That parking spot right by the door

  6. Toasted marshmallows

  7. New socks

  8. Warm bread

  9. Exact change

  10. Having your hair washed by someone else

  11. Completing a Sudoku puzzle (especially a 5 star)

  12. Thin Mint cookies right from the freezer

  13. The smell of a baby's head right after she's fallen to sleep on you


Amy said...

Snow days? Snow days?

We're talking about the ones where the schools are still OPEN, right?

Ms Menozzi said...

I'm soooo with you on sooooo many of these!

Happy TT!


Alice Audrey said...

Ooo, home made bread. I had a batch come out of the oven yesterday that was to die for. The whole house smelled great, and the bread with super-fine and soft.

Stephanie Adkins said...

Great list. I love the smell of rain. *sigh*