Monday, November 17, 2008

Candace Havens gives Revision Hell Workshop

This months free workshop at Romance Divas is perfect for me -- Revision Hell with Candace Havens! Fast Revision is a way to break your edits down into tiny chewable bites that make the whole thing much more palatable.

Here's today's assignment from her ::

1. Clean off your desk
2. Tell your family you are busy the next few weeks
3. Cook meals ahead, find new takeout menus
4. Organize your research
5. You should have already read through your manuscript if you haven’t do that immediately and organize your notes
6. Tell your internal editor he or she may come back to play but only if they do exactly what you say
7. We work in teams and post our daily page counts. You'll be posting here each day and we will be your team (I promise to explain later.)
8. Decide on your daily page count goal, do you want to tackle 10, 20 or 30 pages a day?
9. Do anything else that will help free up time for writing these next two weeks

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Amy said...

Candy's workshops are great, aren't they?