Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Red Bar :: Big Ben

Now for something a little different. The authors of Hot & Sinful Nights love to tease, so we decided to share the sexiest, naughtiest excerpt of our book included in the collection. Big Ben was more than ready to deliver...

He’ll teach her how to play, but can she handle the game?

When Jillian Welch learns that golf courses have become the new singles scene, she convinces her editor to let her research the phenomenon for her Dating Diva column -- never mentioning what she really wants to do is fan an old flame.

 There’s something wildly enchanting about the columnist who arrives at Ben Cannon’s golf resort. Ben’s felt this magnetic pull only once before, for a bespectacled brunette who was nothing like this platinum blonde from New York. Confident, poised...  and hitting on him like crazy– is she really interested in him, or merely seeking fodder for her Dating Diva column?


The Hot & Sinful authors collaborated to bring you their steamiest teasers yet. 19 scorching hot teasers, 20 giveaways to go along side each and every filthy listing. Make sure to enter the Kindle Fire giveaway once you hop your way through to the end.

One lucky winner will snag a Kindle Fire!

How this works:
  1. Start at the top, in the middle, or down below (whatever floats your boat). Click a link, read the teaser, and follow the author’s instructions to enter their giveaway.
  2. Follow to the next hop location as indicated on that author’s page or come back here to the main post to find another teaser on the main list.
  3. Once you are done hopping make sure use the Rafflecopter form to enter to win a Kindle Fire.

Make sure you enter to win that Kindle Fire! (18+ please!)

Make sure to pre-order the Hot & Sinful nights boxed set for more dirty and devilish fun!

And now, your peek into Ben & Jillian...

Big Ben: Blowing His Horn

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