Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Compromising Positions is on sale for 99¢ this week only! Which means... a ton of social media promo for yours truly. I'm a big fan of online conversations, not so much about buy my book. So, to keep myself entertained we made up some super fun promo graphics. 

It's a funny book, so the graphics match. Kind of. I'm still wondering if we went too far with the Kama Sutra images. But hey, it's a Kama Sutra couples yoga class. Totally legit to illustrate that, right?

Finding the vectors to put on the graphics was hilarious. Do we use ones with two colors? Stick figures or life-like. And... OMG these are actual people! We could not go there, because Facebook jail. Not to mention my readers are all about using their imaginations.  

Be honest peeps. Did I take it too far? 
Those of you who've already met David & Sophie, it totally fits, right?
Which one is your favorite?


"Compromising Positions would have to be one of the best contemporary romance novels I have read in a long time. Jenna Bayley-Burke delivers it all, romance, humor, and great chemistry between her hero and heroine. It is so well written. The pace is great, and the story line fantastic." - Fallen Angel Reviews
"The sexual tension between Sophie and David will leave you biting your nails in frustration and wanting to yell at them to get on with it already, but once the two finally get together the sparks between the two fly off the pages. With sensual love scenes, flirty repartee, and a man and woman clearly meant to be together, you get everything you could ever want in a romance novel. Overall, I have to say that Compromising Positions is a must read !" - Long and Short Reviews

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