Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best Book Bloggers & Reviewers Thursday 13 Series

Welcome to my Thursday 13 interview series of the Best Book Bloggers & Reviewers :)
I love writing, but marketing? Not really my skill set. That's true for most authors I know. Most of us are using the scatter method to get the word out - blog tours, book blasts, review requests, Facebook, Twitter (where I usually wind up talking about food or faux pas, not promo). So I'm asking my favorite industry professionals - no, not editors, agents and publishers - bloggers, reviewers & street team members!
Up first is the uber-smart Heather Carver of Carver's Book Cravings.
1. Last book you read and LOVED :: Undone by RE Hunter

2. Last book you reviewed :: Undone by RE Hunter 
3. Why did you start a book blog? I love reading and I wanted to share my passion with others!

4. How do you discover books? Mainly through emails promoting books with cover reveals, release day blitz or blog tours.  I am in a couple groups on FB that give great book names also.
5. What do you think helps build momentum for a book ::  Getting as much exposure for the book within the first couple weeks.  Do blog tours and send out ARC's to bloggers to review.  Have bloggers add to Amazon on release day.

6. Favorite kind of contests :: I like winning anything!  I love paperbacks, but running out of space so I really like ebooks.

7. Series or stand-alone ::  Standalone.  Or a series that each book has a HEA and I can get more of them in the next book.  Like The With Me series by Kristen Proby.

8. Favorite genre :: Romance

9. Paper or e-books :: Ebook

10. What should authors stop (or start) doing immediately? Writing cliff hangers and making me wait ;)  I would say just keep writing your amazing books.  Don't let nasty people discourage you. Try and get in contact with bloggers so we can help get your name out there!!

11. Do you attend reader/blogger events? I have only been to 2!  Loved the Naughty Mafia Signing in Vegas!!

12. How many books do you read a month? I would say between 25-30.

13. Where do you post your reviews?  Goodreads and Amazon
Thanks so much, Heather! To see why I'm such a fan of Carver's Book Cravings, check out these links ::
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