Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Unexpected December

Hanukkah Bush
 I had so much planned for this month. Writing, of course, but also the holiday parties at school for my boys, Breakfast with Santa, The Nutcracker, Zoolights, cookie baking...I'd even intended a little Hanukkah get together for their friends today. And while the shopping for my kiddos is done, extended family gifts are not. And I can't just head to the store. Because...

Working the pole :)
I've spent the week in the hospital. After some testing and a scary phone call, a friend took on my babes at a moments notice, while another drove me to the ER. Where I had to wait for an hour. Made me wonder what scaring me was about.

Then we met with the doctor who explained diverticulitis (it's icky, don't click if you're easily squicked out) can be very scary indeed when it perforates, which is what had happened. Joy. They got my pain under control and loaded me up with antibiotics and stopped all eating. After a few loopy days, we tried liquids, but had to pull back. I've missed some fun things I had planned, but as long as once they let me out, I don't have to come back, all will be good.

Everyone, do something fun for me today, will you?

And Happy Hanukkah!

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Nicole Maki said...

Oh, Jenna. You poor thing. It sounds like a beyond awful week for you and very painful.

I'm supposed to be tested for diverticulitis but have put it off as my bone disease is closely related to Chrohn's so I already know things are haywire (and then some).

How long will you be hospitalized? Do you need anything that I can help with? Do you have books to read etc.? I'd be happy to Amazon a parcel out to you if you need it.

Man, this totally sucks. I really hope you're back on your feet and well enough to be home with soon.

And Happy Hanukkah!