Thursday, September 01, 2011

The River Got Me!

After hearing about all the fun we had on our girls rafting trip, Hubba Bubba just had to go. I booked the same trip, but there was a slight change. When I went with the girls, there were two giant logs blocking Husum Falls, so the rafts went around it, and (crazy) people jumped off a bridge. But the weekend before our trip...they removed the logs.

Hubba Bubba was beyond excited to get to run the waterfall. Me...less so. But, I figures this is one of those adventures you do once so you can say you have done it. 

We had a great time on the river. The people in our boat were hilarious. One is a river guide on the Sky, so I think that was why we got to see and do a bit more -- like going into a cave!

Everything was really fun, but it all kind of gets overshadowed by the waterfall. Because we flipped over!

I panicked just a little and would not let go of the raft. There are ropes they throw out to you from the shore, so I thought I'd go from the raft to a rope. Except they couldn't throw the last rope since not all of the people on our boat popped up. Who was missing?

Hubba Bubba!

He got stuck under the raft and rode the entire falls that way!

After being pulled to safety by the Zooraft guides, we all climbed back in our raft for the relaxing portion of the trip. I really didn't want to get back in, but I figured it was kind of like being thrown from a horse and the sooner you got back on, the better.

We really did have a great run, and I plan on going back again when my brother comes out in the Spring. But, I'll be walking around Husum Falls. 

Care to see why? We're the last raft in this video ::!/photo.php?v=2444909480742

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