Tuesday, December 07, 2010

How Stocked is Your Kitchen?

An article at Organizational Management made me wonder...just how many of the 80 kitchen essential ingredients do I have? Try it...

1. Garlic powder.
2. Sea salt. Nope....Kosher salt & table salt.
3. Whole or ground pepper. Just regular black pepper
4. Sage. It's in the garden...most of the year.
5. Red chili flakes.
6. Chili powder.
7. Bay leaves. At the old house I had a bay leaf bush. I miss it. Haven't been able to find another.
8. Ground coriander.
9. Onion powder. Really? I do have some...but I don't like it.
10. Cumin.
11. Ground mustard. The Hubster hates mustard.
12. Cayenne pepper.
13. Paprika.
14. Basic steak seasoning. Montreal steak seasoning! I also have a basic salt/pepper/garlic powder that I use for chicken.
15. Dried thyme.
16. Potatoes. TONS of Russets. I need to latke
17. Mushrooms. I tend to buy the regular button mushrooms...in the styrofoam package.
18. Onions.
19. Leafy green lettuce.
20. Bell peppers. Red
21. Garlic.
22. Apples.
23. Bananas.
24. Lemons and limes.
25. Oranges.
26. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
27. Chicken thighs.
28. A whole chicken.
29. Steaks.
30. Short ribs. Never gonna happen
31. Salmon.
32. Catfish.
33. De-veined, peeled shrimp.
34. Pork chops.
35. Ground beef or turkey. I need to get some. Always a good idea to have on hand
36. Canned tomatoes.
37. Canned fruits. - pinapple, mandarins...and fruit cups for Grace
38. Peanut butter.
39. Black beans.
40. Lentils.
41. Whole grain bread.
42. Baguette.
43. Salami. Oh...good idea!
44. Ham.
45. Sliced turkey.
46. Cheddar cheese.
47. Swiss cheese.
48. Avocado. Usually...but not right now.
49. Olives.
50. Pickles.
51. Good vanilla. Nope. Store brand. I like the flavor better
52. Cocoa powder. Two kinds :)
53. Half and half. I keep evaporated milk on hand instead.
54. All-purpose flour.
55. Whole wheat flour.
56. Granulated sugar.
57. Confectioner’s sugar.
58. Baking powder.
59. Baking soda.
60. Semi or bittersweet chocolate.
61. Whole grain crackers.
62. Dried lasagna sheets.
63. Spaghetti or fettuccini.
64. Ziti or penne.
65. Egg noodles.
66. Couscous
67. Quinoa.
68. Pancake mix.
69. Whole grain cereal.
70. Oatmeal.
71. Green beans.
72. Corn.
73. Edamame. not for my brood
74. Frozen Potatoes. no thanks
75. Bacon.
76. Strawberries. ew, not frozen!
77. Blueberries.
78. Almonds.
79. Stuffed pasta.
80. Pre-baked pizza crusts.

Bonus Essentials
Red and white wine vinegar.
Marmalade jelly or preserves.
Tomato paste.

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terripatrick said...

I missed 10 of the top 80 but got all the Bonus points. Never touch onion powder! I also avoid mushrooms and avocado unless they are well blended into something smooth. It's not the taste for me so much as the texture. :D