Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More than you ever wanted to know...

The Long and Short of It has an interview with me up, talking about NaNoWriMo. Since I'm so behind, it seems a bit fraudulent - or the kick in the buttoosk I need to get moving!

I forgot to post that I did one earlier this month with Emmy at Authors Toolbox.

And I'm at The Pink Heart Society today talking about the temptation of having a Wii.

I am still making forward progress on Shattered Expectations, but I'm about 5K behind where I need to be to finish by the 30th. Since I usually finish a NaNo before Thanksgiving, it doubles that behind the eight ball feeling. But, I have to keep telling myself it's okay, it will all work out.

Fingers crossed I write more than 3 pages today. It seems to be my new norm since BabyGirl has decided Divas Don't Nap!

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