Monday, June 15, 2009

Finding IT

I need to find some time for myself. I have a book plotted out, I made it to a workshop this weekend that proved the book will work (yay me), so all I have to do is write it. I don't exactly see a place in my day to do that.
Hopefully, time will loosen this week. The appraisal on this house should happen, so should the inspection on what we hope will be the new place...and the boys finish up with school.
Maybe I'm completely deluded, but I am looking forward to summer. I'm an early riser, so I could get some work done ine the morning if I wasn't coralling kids into the van and waking the baby way before the princess would like to rise.
I like lazy summer days sprinkled with fun moments with the kiddos. It fills up my love cup, which makes writing happy stories easier.


Philip O'Mara said...

Good Story.
Read a great new sporting comedy, entitled Classes Apart.
This is an adult sporting comedy that follows the fortunes of Paul Marriot, the secretary of the Barnstorm Village Sunday soccer team and coach of a school cricket team in Yorkshire, England. The story describes the remarkable camaraderie between the players and supporters of this little club and their desire to achieve success. The team had previously been known more for its antics off the field, rather than their performances on it.

During his time at the club he meets and becomes involved with Emma Potter, who is the sister of James Potter, a major player for their bitter rivals Moortown Inn. Thus, begins an entangled web of romance and conflict. He also begins working at Derry High School, a school with a poor reputation of academic success, where he becomes coach of the school cricket team. Here he develops an amazing relationship with the children and they embark on an epic journey.

Michelle (MG) Braden said...

You've been award The Friendly Blogger award. See my blog for details. Hugs.