Sunday, June 22, 2008

Reading With The Kiddos

Books are my gig. Not just because I have the itch to write them, reading is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I'm trying to make sure my kids feel the same way, so we make sure they catch us reading often and we read to them every day.

Since I am a sucker for a 'program' I tend to have some kind of theme for what we're doing. Last summer we went through all of the Junie B Jones books and The Magic Treehouse - 28 of those. We tried to read to the boys all the classic picture books as well. We even listen to books in the car - our pediatrician reccomended that when BabyBoy was in his non-talker phase.

This summer we're planning on finishing out The Magic Treehouse series. My brother turned Bayley onto the Weird Planet series, and we're going to try out a few others that people have reccomended for busy boys; A-Z Mysteries, Encyclopedia Brown, The Boxcar Children, Marvin Redpost, Jigsaw Jones... The boys will decide which ones we run with.

I'm also reading princess fairytales to Babygirl. Can't start too early!

Now that I finished my TBR challenge (still working on the A to Z) I'm thinking of creating a 'program' for myself...maybe I'll have a Blaze summer...or read all the NEXT books I've collected... Jeff would love for me to read an entire shelf so I can get rid of some books!

What are your summer reading plans?


Amy said...

My summer reading plans? Well, my TBR pile has expanded from one 4-foot shelf to the shelf, the window sill, the floor.....I'm going to have to get a system (and probably cull some for give-aways on the blog, I guess) and just start plowing through them.

Once the sun arrives to stay, I'll hang out in the pool and read a LOT.

Darla said...

I still read with my kids, even though the youngest is a teenager. It's a great way to share favorite books.

I'll recommend Patricia C. Wrede's Enchanted Forest series--all my kids (my sons as well as my daughter) loved it!