Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Workout Wednesday :: Pilates

I thought Pilates was something you did at a studio with strange contraptions that looked like torture devices. Then I saw a pilates video and thought it was soething you did with bands and hoops.
Then I took a pilates class.
Oh. My. Ouch.
My favorite pilates class at the gym focuses on core strength, but also on the back and hamstrings. Our instructor has three basic workouts - abs, back, butt - and you can sure tell which one you did the next day!
My favorite part of class is the stretching at the end. I love to stretch, but some of the positions we get into to stretch the smaller muscles pilates engages are hilarious. I've named one, the ho pose. Because honestly, it's a pose porn aficianados would be familiar with. Every time the instructor says to get into 'low frog' I hear 'ho dog'. It is just plain wrong.
And yet it's one of the things I like. I can laugh my way through the workout. This weeks class started with a reminder to lift the pelvic floor as often as you think about it...and then one woman said to do it or you'd wind up with a prolapsed uterus. Which is not a funny situation, I am sure, but I'll be darned if it didn't make me immediately kegel, and then giggle at my reaction. Go a kegel and giggle.
It's not easy!

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